5th Draught Beer National Championship Estrella Galicia -Madrid Contest

Type: Championships

The objective of the 5th Draught Beer National Championship / Estrella Galicia Contest Madrid, is to promote the beer culture and to recognize the work of the barmen as a fundamental link in the chain of distribution of the products of Estrella Galicia

This year the Championship will take place on Monday, April 8, at the 33 Salón Gourmets from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The professionalism in the service of the catering establishments is fundamental to offer to the final consumers all the possibilities that the beer offers.

The Jury, linked to the brewing sector, will be fully employed to assess the quality, excellence in service and the beer knowledge of the aspirants to the title. Analyzing each exercise, scoring based on previously established parameters, the style and technique of the run, the degree of perfection in its execution and the final presentation of the beer service.

The beer is an art that is recognized more and more every day. A draft beer is not simply to put the glass under the tap and open, it must be served with technique, you have to serve it to enjoy.

Address: Av. José Mª Rivera Corral, 6
Town: arteixo
Postcode: 15008
County: coruña, a
Region: galicia
Country: Spain
Phone number: +34 981 901 906
E-mail address: mjperez@estrellagalicia.es
Pavilion: 4